Short bob hairstylesShort bob hairstyles

What are the trends for short hair this season?

Short bob hairstyles have never truly gone out of fashion. These days there are many great variations on bobs to try out. Consider ideas for your bob cut with these Top 5 Short Bob Hairstyles.

What Bob Hairstyles Highlight:

Short bob hairstyles accentuate sharp features, giving sharp noses or high cheekbones a contrast to work with. The variable nature of the cut can allow for either very feminine cuts or more androgynous looks. It can shape a face and bring out or tone down some of the strongest features of the face and make your eyes pop or your cheekbones stand out for a shocking, beautiful look.

The Top 5 Short Bob Hairstyles:

– Asymmetric Bob

This hairstyle is perfect for heart shaped and round faces. The jagged bangs add a touch of edge to the bob, setting it apart from the others. This cut speaks volumes with mass and volume that can be gelled up for a wild look or combed back to look cute and put together.

– The Wavy Bob

The wavy bob hairstyle is characterized by side swept bangs as well as short, tousled wavy sides. This look is easy to curl and hold with some hairspray but also works well straightened.

– The Curly Bob

This curly bob brings back memories of the jazz age. Its soft curls framed against the face make for an ultra-feminine do that flatters all faces.

– The Messy Bob

The messy bob looks fabulous styled and tousled or pulled back. It’s casual yet fashionable at the same time for a charming, uniform appeal.

– The Blunt Ends Bob

The blunt ends bob features sleek sheared layers and sharply cut bangs for a rebel pixie look. When straightened and styled, this bob is a distinct look that’s edgy and fun. Of all the short bob hairstyles, the blunt ends bob is a popular favorite that we see in pop culture and red carpets again and again.

Bob hairstyles

Bob hairstylesBob hairstyles

Why should we choose bob hairstyle?

Bob hairstyles have been popular for well over fifty years. Whether it’s short bob hairstyles or long bob hairstyles, these trends are timeless classics for any woman. From year to year, bob hairstyles have continued to be poplar looks among celebrities and women everywhere.

Short Bob Hairstyles

From sexy to classic, the short bob has continued to be the most sought after look. There are bob hairstyles for every hair texture and face shape. Wondering which cut is right for you? Here are some common haircuts:

Traditional Bob- This is a classic hairstyle that is easy to customize to suit your personality and face shape. It can be worn with or without bangs based on your hair texture and personal preference. This bob has clean sleek lines.

Curly Bob- This cut provides the classic style of a traditional bob that uses layers to define natural curls.

A-line Bob- This trendy cut is best suited for women that have sharper facial features. The a-line bob is angled in the front and the length is a bit longer than a traditional bob. Perfect for square and heart shaped faces.

Layered Bob- If you have very thick hair this bob may be the one for you. Layering of the hair helps to thin and shape thicker hair.

Pageboy- Provides a retro flirty look for straight hair. This edgy stylish cut is easy to maintain and looks great on most face shapes and body types.

Long Bob Hairstyles

Long bob hairstyles don’t sacrifice length. If you want the look of a bob, but just aren’t ready to take the leap into short hair a long bob cut might just be what you are looking for. This cut gives you the versatility of longer hair that can be pulled back into a variety of styles, along with the classic look of a short bob. A long bob is achieved by cutting the hair to shoulder length, or just past the shoulders, using the clean lines of the traditional bob.

No matter the look you want, there are bob hairstyles to suit every woman!