Short blonde hairstyles 2015One topic that will make a stir in the new season is the short blonde hairstyles 2015. The fact that 2015’s hairstyles are filled with amazing surprises, maybe it is just right for you to know how you can let it work well with make-up and your dress style. Of course, you can achieve that attractive sunny-head sweet and sophisticated-looking girl with these tips.

Let’s get started!

Make-up Tips for Short Blonde Hairstyles

– Go for Light and Natural Colors. You can look great and superb everyday by wearing make-up with light colors. Soft tones such as peach, pale pink, and beige will not appear harsh on you.

– Charm Your Lips. As you paint a smile, make it more adorable and sweet. For your lips, you can use an orange-based red, pink, or red lipstick. In this manner, your lips will appear natural and unquestionably exquisite.

– Radiant Cheeks. Let your cheeks speak up for your glow. For women who have dark blonde tresses, go for a brownish rose color blush. For fairer blonde women, light pink will look excellent on you. As for the peach and rose shades, these colors will go perfectly for women with golden blonde hair.

– Consider Your Skin Color. Your skin tone matters a lot whenever you are about to select a particular shade for your make-up. For instance, fairer individuals can wear almost any colors under the sun while a golden-skin lady will look stunning in a cherry red lipstick.

– Use Medium Brown Mascara. As mentioned earlier, light tones will look best on blonde women. In view of this, do not use black mascara for your lashes. It will appear creepy and harsh on you. Instead, go for a medium brown color.

– Work on Your Eyebrow Appropriately. You should not give too much effort in defining your eyebrows too well. For blonde women, use eyebrow pencils that come in light greyish hue. In this manner, your eyebrow will complement well to your blonde tresses.

How to Dress with Short Blonde Hair

Short blonde hairstyles 2015– Pull Out the Look in Pastel Colors. Not everyone can pull out the lovely look in pastels. If you are blonde, then you have the edge to sport an adorable look in pastel colors. Shades such as soft greens, pinks, and yellows can make you look more lovely and adorable.

– Right Color for Warm and Cool Blondes. If you want to flaunt flawlessly, then the right shade of clothes have to be worn. For warm blondes, go for aqua, tomato red, and turquoise shades. As for cool blondes, opt for gray-toned colors. Examples of these colors are baby blue and mint green.

– Your Body Type and Shape Matters. Whenever you choose a dress, you should take into consideration what dress style will suit you best. In fact, a slender blonde will need a dress that will add volume to her actual body while a busty woman will have to wear a free-flowing dress.

– Match Your Hairstyle. Very feminine dresses will not suit all short blonde hairstyles. In view of this, you have to match your current up-do with the appropriate dress code. For instance, a short bob will look good in a semi-formal or formal outfit. If you wear a Mohawk hairdo, then you might need to exert effort on working on your wardrobe.

Without a doubt, the short blonde hairstyles 2015 utters great confidence. By also working on the other aspects of fashion which are make-up and dress styling, you complete a head-turning appeal. As you practice the tips, all you have to do is be comfortable and bring yourself well. Good luck!


Blonde short hairstyles 2014Blonde short hairstyles 2014

If you are tired of a typical black or brown hairstyle, turn to blonde short hairstyles 2014. Not only the short blonde haircuts are easy to maintain, its color also fires up your appeal. In fact, it enhances your well-defined attributes in luminosity.

Blonde hairstyles are quiet inspiring for women of different ages. As for teenagers, styling of hair is fun and playful which only implies to blossoming youth. On the other hand, middle-aged women appear younger and more vibrant with a short haircut. No matter what your age group is, there is a unique hairstyle that will perfectly describe your personality.

Pointy Pixie Hairdo

If you want to look rebellious in a chic manner, wear a pointy pixie hairdo. The appearance of the hair is quiet messy as it allows some hair from the crown covering one side of your face in a sharp approach.

Multiple Layers

The multiple-layered haircut is another version of a pixie hairstyle. It demands a good eye and skills from a hairstylist to make you unquestionably chic and good-looking.

Fun Short Hairstyle

If you want to look nostalgic from the 1980’s, the fun short hairstyle is what you may have been looking for. It is an asymmetrical haircut that goes with an exaggerated fringe coming from the crown to one side.

Short Summer Hairstyle

Get ahead of summer by wearing a light summer hairstyle. In this hairdo, there is the need to apply several shades of blonde to keep it lustrous and cool to the eyes. For a more refined appearance, the hair on the sides is narrowly cut.

Pixie Cut with Spiky Top

Create a lively expression with a combo of a pixie cut and spikes. In this haircut, the sides and back are shaved using a razor. Spikes are styled on the top section to balance the impact. For women, this is a hit since it looks flattering and easy to maintain.

Say “cheers” to a New Look

A new hairstyle is indeed another reason for you to rejoice. Go and greet the world with a bright smile of overflowing confidence. Let the world witness how cheerful you have been with your great transition from the typical to a commendable look by wearing the best of the blonde short hairstyles 2014.