Cool short hairstyles 2014Cool short hairstyles 2014

Before you decide on opting for cool short hairstyles 2014, it is of utmost importance that you know your options. The fact that there is no point of return once the hair is cut; you really have to be sure with your choice. At this point, knowledge on the trending haircuts will give you a hint of whether you can pull out the stylish look or not.

Many women prefer short haircuts over long hairstyles. Not only that these haircuts look cool and impressive, but it also merits the wearer a sense of convenience. In fact, short hairstyles are easy to maintain and does not require much time in styling. On top of this, it perfectly works well to women with fine or thin hair.

Short Layered Pixie Hairstyle

Your attributes has its roles in the selection of hairstyle. If you want to give emphasis on your eyes or beautifully arched eyebrows, a layered pixie hairstyle will suit you.

Straight Pixie

If you want to look innocently sexy with your haircut, the straight pixie is the good choice. It brings out a great combo of a child and a mature woman that you will surely love. In this hairstyle, it is quiet longer than the short layered pixie.

Filled Pixie Haircut

Look mysterious in an awesome way with a filled pixie hairstyle. When you stylishly cover your face with the long-cut bangs while the rest of the hair is cut short, you put people in an astonishing puzzle.

Extremely Short Haircut

An extremely short haircut may imply masculinity. On the other hand, this kind of hairstyle also works well with women since the features are explicitly highlighted. More importantly, it is easy to maintain since it does not require combing or brushing of hair.

Layered Bob

If you are fond of styling your hair, the layered bob is the perfect haircut for you. Since it is layered, you will not find it hard in giving yourself a new and captivating look.

Go for Short and Amazingly Fabulous You

The cool short hairstyles 2014 are truly captivating and inviting. It should then be remembered that no matter what your choice is, always don yourself with confidence to portray the best of you.