Hair Care Tips 2014What are the latest trends for hair care this season?

Hair care tips 2014 must be followed by men and women alike. Aside from the fact that they will help you maintain a smooth and healthy hair, you also get a chance to know the habits you must avoid to keep your tresses as beautiful as possible. To give you an idea, this page has rounded up some of the useful tips. Read on!

Hair Care Tips 2014 for Women

– Shampoo and condition your hair. The best way to shampoo your hair is to start with its roots and let the shampoo works on the rest of your locks when rinsing. After wash, apply a conditioner but only use it on the ends of your hair to avoid oiling your scalp.

– Your hair needs sunblock too. It is not only your skin that gets sunburned. The heat of the sun can also dry and brittle your hair, thus, you have to use spray sunblock to prevent damages.

– Don’t brush your hair excessively. Contrary to other people’s belief, brushing your hair too much prevents hair growth. It can only cause split-ends and pulls hair from follicles. It is also best if you use natural-fiber comb in detangling hair after shower.

– Let your tresses dry naturally. Avoid using blow-drier just to let your hair dry after bath. Instead, give you locks a pat-down and squeeze it gently using a towel. Afterwards, brush your hair to remove tangles and let it dry naturally.

– Trim it regularly. You don’t have to visit a salon every time you trim your hair, you can always do it yourself. Trimming your locks regularly will get rid of split ends. It will also allow your hair to grow healthily.

– Use the right products. Not all hair products work for all types of hair. Hence, you have to identify brands that compliments or are accustomed to your hair type. This will help you solve hair issues sooner than later.

Hair Care Tips 2014 for Men

Hair care tips 2014 for men– Pat dry. Don’t use towels in drying your hair to avoid damages such as split ends and frizzy hair. Instead, shake out excess water and stroke your hair. Afterwards, comb it using wide-tooth comb.

– Avoid too much hot shower. No matter how good a hot shower is, too much of it can cause havoc to your hair. Hot water may result to dry scalp and can strip essential hair oil.

– At-home chemical products are not ideal. If you want to color or perm your hair, make sure to visit a salon that offers such service. They know what product is best for your hair type and they know how to properly style your hair to make it look natural.

– Avoid tight hat. Wearing tight hats can pull hair out of scalp and may cause cuticle damage and breakage.

– Keep it trimmed. Removing damaged hair will help your tresses grow, thus, it is essential to visit your barber every six weeks. If you aim to sport a longer hair, just let your stylist know that you are just trimming your hair to get rid of damages.

– Use serum. A good conditioner will make your hair look and feel smoother. It can also add shine to your mane while treating frizz and other damages.

All of the said hair care tips for men and women will help you maintain a healthy hair amidst of hair product use and hairstyles that can cause damages despite of the trendy look they provide. It’s up to you now how you will follow them.