Layered haircuts 2014Why the Layered haircuts 2014 is the perfect choice?

Getting a new hairstyle is one perfect way to modify yourself. Each year, different hairstyle trends are invading the fashion world that offers diverse fashionable haircuts. As another year will soon come, dare to be different by trying dramatic hairdos.

If you are tired on your dull and common cuts, maybe you need some cut and blow here and there. Try to renew your look this 2014 by making the wicks, the bangs or by taking it into layers which will make your hair look voluminous and easy to style.

Layered haircuts 2014

– Front layers. Ideal cut for straight textures since it is flattering for someone who has fine hair. Ideally, the hair is heavily layered around the face with light layered at the back and on ends. However, you can put the layers in any position that will complement with the shape of your face. If you have oval or heart-shaped face, start your layers at the cheekbones. For a square jaw line, begin it slightly above the cheekbone.

– Layered cut with bangs. Due to the resurgence of bangs on 2014, you should never miss to wear it. Layered cut with bangs is a perfect choice because it offers both fashion and low maintenance. To prevent the dorky-looking blunt bangs, don’t cut it widely and start your layers below the chin.

– Wavy hairstyle with layers. If your hair is wavy or curly, cut your hair near the crown into few layers and the rest into deep layers, with the end of your tresses cut into a tapering appearance. This kind of hairstyle also looks good with all kinds of bangs.

– Layered hairstyle with tight curls. For curly texture, you must choose round layers that are perfectly blended to add weight but without appearing heavy. It looks good in all face shapes; just remember to keep the layers on the longer side.

– All-around layered hairstyle. This easy and versatile cut can be achieved by cutting the last two inches of your hair slightly imperfect to achieve a wash-and-go type of cut.

– Layered cut with super long hair. The secret of this style is by balancing the length through little face-framing layers. However, this is not suitable if you have fine strands as it can twist limp near the ends.

It is a fact that haircut trends change every year and as 2013 will soon end; you should welcome another year with a bang through trendy hairstyles.