Men’s short hairstyles 2015Men’s short hairstyles 2015

What are the latest trends in men’s hair this season?

The men’s short hairstyles 2015 are the best options for working guys. Although these hairdos are short, it does not mean that the stylish appeal is kept at minimum as what you and the others may think. For a fact, these hairstyles are utterly chic and clean that could even suit men working at different occupational places.

Option #1: Classic Haircut Hairdo

Whether you pair the classic haircut with casual or formal attire, you will look respective yet stylish. In this hairdo, a clean cut is noticeable because the hair is cut short around the sides. As for the top portion, height is added to give it a modern touch.

Option #2: Short Wavy Hairstyle

Men with wavy hair should not fret in finding a short hairdo that could complement with his work. Simply head to a stylist and get your hair tamed in a short wavy hairdo. When done perfectly, you will find your wavy hair very masculine and appealing.

Crew Cut Hairdo

If you are looking for hairstyle that can offer you a variety of styling options, you can go for a military-inspired crew hairdo. Even with undercut sides and angled haircut, you can style your hair in a spiked or slicked manner. In just a matter of time, you can switch from one hairstyle to another.

Straight Up Hairstyle

The straight up is a classic-inspired hairdo that you can wear to your office. To obtain the look, simply apply an ample amount of volumizing product to your hair at the front and at the crown. Afterwards, create height by combing your hair.


You will get to love this hairstyle because of the length that is left at the front. It renders you a styling opportunity to create spikes in a chicly manner in just a few minutes. If you are young-spirited man, this one will work best with you.

You Decide

As this article listed down men’s short hairstyles 2015, working guys should not be bothered with what appropriate hairdo to wear while at work. Just feel free to pick up your choice and enjoy the feeling of being stylishly professional.

Men’s Short Hairstyles 2014Men’s short hairstyles 2014

If you are tired of a typical hairdo, better check what men’s short hairstyles 2014 have in store for you. Many trendsetters have come up with playful hair touches that will kill boredom from an outdated fashion. What are these is for you to find out.

From the previous seasons, many hairstylists have tweaked on men’s haircuts. In today’s opening year, a bunch of styles are artistically innovated to emphasize men’s personality and accentuate features. If you want to be imbued with masculine style, here is a taste of hairstyles for 2014.

– Spiky hairstyle. This kind of hairstyle has been popular on the previous years and until now. It uses stronghold gel to maintain the shape and style of hair. What is more convenient about spiky hairstyle is that you can have it done in less than five minutes.

– Regular boyish haircut. If you want to look masculine enough, a regular boyish cut is what you will need. Although the cut is simple, it will enhance your great facial features. Another good thing about this haircut is ease of styling.

– Mohawk style. In this hairstyle, the sides are cut while the upper crown towards the back is left longer than the sides. By styling the upper crown as that of spike, you can look more exciting and thrilling.

– Messy short hair. A well-styled messy hair is included in the vocabulary of fashion. Simply disarrange the strands of your hair adjacent to the forehead. In the end, it will give you a gothic appearance.

– Side haircut. No matter what generation or year it is, classic hairstyle still tends to be trendy. It is widely acceptable not only for school boys, but as well as to middle-aged men. The very reason for such acceptance is the style’s capability of making you look younger than your actual age.

Men’s hairstyle is more inclined to short cuts. Although the hair is trimmed short, there is still an array of choices on styling the hair to uplift men’s confidence. This is pretty much evident with the different men’s short hairstyles 2014.