Nice Short Hairstyles 2014How to look nice with a new hair style?

The nice short hairstyles 2014 have been the craze for many women of any ages. For a fact, short haircuts can inevitably give you a modish look whilst with elegance. So before you jump off to this trend, give yourself first some brief view on 2014’s extraordinary cut innovations.

Funky Mohawk

If you are brave enough for the funky obsession style, then chopped your hair to get that funky Mohawk hairstyle. This kind of hairstyling confidently draws attention to your face. So, if you have those expressive eyes, this hairdo will work well with you.

Lengthy One Side Funky Hairstyle

One dramatic way to wear a short hairstyle is leaving the one side longer compared to the rest. It gives you a playful and up-to-the-minute look without too much effort. To further enhance your appeal, you can adjunct this hairdo with the right color that complement well with your skin tone.

Face Framing Layers Cut

You can give angles to your round face with a face framing layers hairstyle. The back is simply cut short and layered while the sides have an addition of a longer fringe and framing layers. With this style on your tresses, you can style with great ease.

Cropped Pixie Hairstyle

If you are looking for a classic and sophisticated style for your tresses, count the cropped pixie cut in. It is very feminine despite the short cuts. Surprisingly, you can present yourself in a mature and good-looking way.

Blunt Bob Hairstyle

The classic hairstyle like the blunt bob has its own way of making a fashion statement. In fact, it can be tailored to suit any face shapes despite the same length cut. For more beautiful touches, you can add a side-swept fringe to soften your striking features or add color to your tresses.

Indeed the nice short hairstyles 2014 are tailored to suit everyone’s personality. Whether you want to inject some drama or fun into your personality, short hairdos will surely defy your expectations. It is just a matter of finding the right cut and living with it in a chic way.