Pixie hairstylesPixie hairstyles

I am sure that every person with short or long hair is dreaming for a haircut that is easy to be maintained when you wake up in the morning, does not need any special care during the day and at the same time you still look wonderful.

Perhaps pixie hairstyles will help you in such situation. This type of haircuts can give you the look that you want, they can make your features even more delicate and all you need to do is brush your hair a little.

If we have to be honest, pixie hairstyles are not something new. Actually they have been here for a long time, but at the beginning they were looking more like boy cuts, and until the present day, they have suffered an evolution in order to be fashionable.

If you want to achieve an open and clean look, you can make an experiment, using combinations from different hairstyles. For example you can choose a pixie haircut with bangs. And they can be left at different length – up on your forehead or they can go down to the level of your eyes.

It is not only the front look that you can experiment with. You can do the same with the back side of your haircut. You can experiment with layers – they can be asymmetrical or you can make short layers, so that your neck stays open. You can be creative in any way that you want.

You can play with the hairline too, no matter if you choose slanted style or leave it straight.

If you want an astonishing hairstyle you can add some colour to your haircut or at least highlights. Pixie hairstyles will give you an amazing look combining them with the perfect color.