Short Brown HairstylesShort brown hairstyles

There is no denial that the short brown hairstyles still compete with the blonde color. Hairstyles such as pixie cut, angular up-do, and shaggy are just some of the short hairstyles that are beautifully complemented by the light and dark brown shades.

In instances you want to be a brown-haired girl, there are some guidelines that need to be observed before you chop your hair short and paint it with brown.

Face Shape

Not all short haircuts suit all face shapes. At this point, when you choose a haircut, it should complement your facial contour. For instance, opt for a cropped pixie if you have heart, oval or square face shape. If you have a round face, then you should stay away from a classic bob hairstyle.

The Hair Texture

Before you choose a short brown hairstyle, you should bear in mind your hair texture. Determine first whether it is curly, frizzy, straight, fine, wavy, or coarse. This will be your guide in short hairstyle selection.

Skin Tone

You will not be plain boring in brunette if you know how to choose the right brown shade for your skin tone. When you properly selected the right hue, you are just on your way to a beautiful you.

– For light skin tones. If you are fair-skinned, avoid the dark color. You may rather consider warm red tones.

– For medium skin tones. If you have medium skin tone, do not be too inclined for warm or light brown shades. Although these brown colors may look good on you, it would be best to be on neutral like the medium brown.

– For dark skin tones. The dark color will look more natural for dark skin tone like olive. Do not go for lighter shades as it will be in conflict with your skin tone.

Cutting the hair short and painting it with brown is definitely a major decision for women who want short brown hairstyles. It is then important to consider some things before you head to the salon and do a complete hair make-over.