Short  hair 2015Tips for Short Hair 2015

Is your new project to find the perfect short hair 2015? If that is, then you came to the right page. You see, just because you have a short does not mean that you got limited hairstyles available. As much as you can style a long hair, there are also lots that you can do with your pixie cut.

How to keep your short hair stylish

The following tips can help you style your short hair for a fresh look this year:

Know the shape of your face

Before you decide on a hairstyle, you should first find out what styles can fit your features. The first that you should consider is the shape of your face. For instance, if it is round, you should look for a hairdo that can make it appear more elongated. You can search on the Internet for the short hairstyles that are appropriate for your facial feature. In case you are not confident of doing this yourself, you can ask help from a professional hairstylist.

Go for the right color

Your short hair can be made more stylish if it is matched with the right color. This does not mean that you can just choose any color you want. When deciding on this, you should pick a color that matches your skin tone. This way, your hairdo will look more natural on you.

Choose your style

There are lots of available styles for short hair. You can have it edgy or soft. You may want to add bangs, make it curly, or have it asymmetrical. If you are undecided yet, you can get ideas from your favorite celebrities online or by looking at magazines. Asking suggestions from hairstylists to know which style will be perfect on you is also a good idea.


Another way to add style to your short hair is by wearing accessories on it. Usually, bold or big-piece ornaments are better on short hair. You can wear a headband, tiara, or flower crown.

Who said that only girls with long hair can be beautiful? Definitely, that is not true as there are many pixie-haired women who are head turners. You may not know, but your short hair 2015 style could be the best hairdo for you.