Short hair 2016If you’re interested in short hair 2016 style, then it’s time you investigate all of the latest and coolest options available to you. Short hair in 2016 is all about looking effortless and free. If you want a cool and attractive hairstyle that also gives the impression that you simply don’t care what other people think about you, a short ‘do may just be the way to go. It often takes an adventurous and bold person to chop all of their locks off and go short. Although chopping hair off can often be somewhat intimidating and daunting at first, it’s always extremely crucial to remember one important thing: hair always grows back. If you’re not the happiest about your short hair at first, you can relax in the knowledge that it’s completely temporary.

Short Hair With Bangs

Nothing screams “confident” more than a short hairdo. If you want to take your short hair look to the next level, then you may want to pair it with bangs. Bangs of all different types can be flattering alongside short hairdos. Feathered bangs can look cute and sweet with short hair. Blunt bangs can look retro and fashionable with short hair. Choppy bangs, last but not least, can make short hair styles appear flirty and fun-loving. When you have short hair, exploring your many choices in bangs can be fun and exciting. Great bangs can often complete a flawless short hair look, after all. Short hair with bangs can indicate to other people that you’re daring, fashion-forward and just plain stylish.

Short hair 2016Color Options For Short Hair

If you have short hair, you can also toy with your many exciting choices in hair color. Short hair color ideas are just as abundant as they are for people who have longer strands. If you want to enhance the boldness and daring side of your short locks, you may want to dye your hair a shade of red. Red hair can communicate so many different things to people. If you’d like to convey an attitude of strength and bravery, then red short hair may be absolutely perfect. Blonde locks can also be great for individuals who have short hair. If you want a lovely short hairdo but want to give it a softer and more feminine touch, then it may be a great idea to go blonde. If you want a dramatic platinum blonde color all over your head, a single color can do the trick. If you want a subtle and more natural looking blonde, on the other hand, blonde highlights may be a smart path. Black and brown tones can be very attractive on people who have short hair, too.

If you want a modern and fresh overall look, short hair 2016 style can guide the way for you. Visit your stylist now to achieve a short ‘do that’s attractive, feminine, cheeky and unforgettable. There are many diverse short hairstyles out there.

Short  hair 2015Tips for Short Hair 2015

Is your new project to find the perfect short hair 2015? If that is, then you came to the right page. You see, just because you have a short does not mean that you got limited hairstyles available. As much as you can style a long hair, there are also lots that you can do with your pixie cut.

How to keep your short hair stylish

The following tips can help you style your short hair for a fresh look this year:

Know the shape of your face

Before you decide on a hairstyle, you should first find out what styles can fit your features. The first that you should consider is the shape of your face. For instance, if it is round, you should look for a hairdo that can make it appear more elongated. You can search on the Internet for the short hairstyles that are appropriate for your facial feature. In case you are not confident of doing this yourself, you can ask help from a professional hairstylist.

Go for the right color

Your short hair can be made more stylish if it is matched with the right color. This does not mean that you can just choose any color you want. When deciding on this, you should pick a color that matches your skin tone. This way, your hairdo will look more natural on you.

Choose your style

There are lots of available styles for short hair. You can have it edgy or soft. You may want to add bangs, make it curly, or have it asymmetrical. If you are undecided yet, you can get ideas from your favorite celebrities online or by looking at magazines. Asking suggestions from hairstylists to know which style will be perfect on you is also a good idea.


Another way to add style to your short hair is by wearing accessories on it. Usually, bold or big-piece ornaments are better on short hair. You can wear a headband, tiara, or flower crown.

Who said that only girls with long hair can be beautiful? Definitely, that is not true as there are many pixie-haired women who are head turners. You may not know, but your short hair 2015 style could be the best hairdo for you.

The Best Short Hair 2014 Short Hair 2014

With a new year comes the opportunity to try something new. Short hairstyles inspired by the sleek, sexy bob of the sixties are the “it” hairstyle for the upcoming year. When it comes to short hair 2014 is the perfect time to try something out and play around with your new fun hairdo. For modern and great short hair styles, 2014 has so much to offer.

The Simple Pixie Cut

The simple pixie cut is a more boyish do that can look ultra-feminine if done correctly. This hairstyle looks great on round faces, heart shaped faces, and oval faces. The cut frames high or strong cheekbones and accentuates them, giving the face a natural strength that is accentuated and brought out by the sparseness of the pixie cut.

The A-symmetrical Bob

The a-symmetrical bob might seem strange, but it’s a wonder at framing your face while looking effortlessly cool. It is especially flattering to square and circular faces, as it compliments the face by drawing the eye to the uneven side strands. For those with strong features, these will compliment and soften them to create a flattering overall hairstyle.

The Bob with Angled Front Bangs

This short bob affords round and heart shaped faces a clean cut while the longer front bangs are angled across the eyes. This gives you a dramatic flair that can be gelled back or swept effortlessly to the side. For thin hair or hair that is naturally straight, this hairstyle is easy to style with just a touch of the straightening iron and some serum to make it shine.

The Shiny Bob

This shiny and short bob flatters all face shapes. Paired with a smooth part, the even length of the locks create a styled effect that looks most devastating when straightened. You can also take an iron and produce thick curls, finishing with hairspray for face framing waves.

The Crop with Wavy Bangs

The crop hairstyle with wavy bangs suits all face shapes and tones. The bangs can be waved out and laid across to create a glamorous effect. The bangs will flatter the person, especially when paired with strong eye makeup.

The Best Short Hairstyles To Try Out For 2014

When it comes to short hair, 2014 is the year to go bold and try this fashion out. With different cuts and ways to style and present hair, you will have endless ways to switch a short haircut up so that you stand out with a completely unique look. Pull off this look with boldness and confidence and pair it with a killer outfit, and you’re good to go.