Short hairstyle trends 2015To have both the ease and femininity, short hairstyle trends 2015 will guide in styling your short hairs perfectly. Short hair is not very easy to work with, for a woman. Women, particularly mothers and working women like to have short hair, since it becomes much easier for them to take care of it. Following are some cool hairstyles that will be popular in 2015 for short hair.

Angled Bob Style

This style is longer in the front and gets shorter as it goes back gradually. The graduation of the layers is as dramatic or subtle as you want it to be. Suppose your back layers are very short, then you can consider spiking them using gel for an edgier look.

But, if you want to get really daring, then you can have one of the sides longer as compared to the other or you can also leave the face-framing pieces very long. This hairstyle is simple if you have straight hair, though wavy hair still looks good having a more subtle angle.

Short hairstyle trends 2015Shaggy

If you do not have much time to style your hair, then shaggy hairstyle is best for you. It is particularly flattering for thick or wavy hair, since the cut will help in making the hair more manageable. The shaggy hairstyle has its own built-in bounce in because of the graduating layers.

Pin Up Hair Style

If you have enough hair for using bobby pins then you can create impressive updos which are dramatic and elegant. You can create a 1930s hairstyle having some bobby pins and a little curling mousse.

Twist and Crimp

For a stylish and funkier look that is ideal for prom, try a crimped, twisted look to play up the several textures in your hair. You can start by taking a small section from behind your bangs and twist them back.  Secure your twist with a bobby pin as soon as you reach the crown of your head. Crimp only a small section and leave the rest straight for giving a funky short hair look.

Generally girls with short hair feel like they cannot try fancy updos for big occasions like wedding or proms. Above mentioned are some popular and simple short hairstyles trends 2015 for girls having short hair that can be accomplished easily, with a little patience and good styling products. Short hair looks versatile and chic with the right updo.