Very short hairstyles 2014For many women who cannot devote much time in styling, the very short hairstyles 2014 are perfect. These hairstyles become more appealing due to a myriad of reasons. Some of these are convenience, easy to do, and very stylish on its own.

If you are considering a short hairstyle, think over it first. There are a lot of things to consider before jumping into action such as the face shape and the kind of haircut. To ensure that you only get the best, here are some of the best short hairstyles to wear year-round.

Dramatic Close Cropped Hairstyle

Let the world take a glimpse on your stunning beauty by wearing a short haircut. As the tresses on the sides are cut short while leaving the top a bit longer, you open up that feminine looks of yours. When you add some curls on top, you give off the dramatic effect.

Convenient Cropped Pixie Cut

Big transformation awaits you in wearing a cropped pixie cut. If you have a heart, square or oval face shape, then this hairstyle will suit you best. As a matter of fact, the pixie cut can make you look timeless and sophisticated whenever you go to ordinary routines and even formal events.

Versatile Slicked Back Hairstyle

Men are not the only ones who can wear a slicked back up-do with confidence. If you have a round face shape, you can pull out the look of a very lovely and astonishing individual. It is all thanks to its potential to bring the attention on your stunning facial features.

There is no doubt that these very short hairstyles 2014 can perfectly suit women’s personality. It is then just a matter of bringing all the courage and confidence to bring out the gorgeous and jaw-dropping look.

Female Short Hairstyles 2014How to be beautiful with short hair?

The female short hairstyles 2014 are real show stoppers. These hairdos embrace the fabulous and adorable side of fashion that you, as a woman would find it difficult to refuse. So if you want to get the spotlight of this lifetime, feel free to get your own short hairstyle from these magnificent ideas.

Sleek Faux Bob Up-Do

If you do not want to cut your hair short, but like to flaunt in the hippest short hairdo of this generation, a faux bob will perfectly work with you. Do the clever work by simply tucking your long hair underneath it to make it look wittingly short. To make it all perfect, do not forget to apply an anti-frizz serum.

Girlish Short Waves Hairstyle

Let your beauty shine to the world without those lovely locks. Just chopped your hair short and put some soft waves on your crown to give that strong appeal. Surely, you will get delighted with the result especially when all your positive and very feminine features come to light.

Angular Bob with Side Fringe Hairdo

The angular bob is one flattering hairstyle that suits women with round faces. With the addition of a side fringe, it will soften your overwhelming features to make you look unquestionably fabulous. You can also enhance the impact by wearing hair colors that complement well with your skin tone.

Short Messy Textured Bob

In this hairstyle, there is no need to bother in keeping your tresses in place. The hairstyle itself is low maintenance as you allow it to go play freely. Despite the messy idea, you can still manage to look fun and attractive with its flattering textures and choppy layers.

Unstructured Pixie Cut

One of the popular hairstyles this 2014 is the unstructured pixie cut. Just like the messy short textured bob, the unstructured pixie cut also bears a messy yet adorably fun look. For a more lavishing look, shaggy bangs can also be worn.

The female short hairstyles 2014 are definitely attention-getters. It is for the fact that these hairdos are bolder compared to the traditional looks that women often portray. Just pick your short hairstyle of choice and be daring like you have never been before.

Nice Short Hairstyles 2014How to look nice with a new hair style?

The nice short hairstyles 2014 have been the craze for many women of any ages. For a fact, short haircuts can inevitably give you a modish look whilst with elegance. So before you jump off to this trend, give yourself first some brief view on 2014’s extraordinary cut innovations.

Funky Mohawk

If you are brave enough for the funky obsession style, then chopped your hair to get that funky Mohawk hairstyle. This kind of hairstyling confidently draws attention to your face. So, if you have those expressive eyes, this hairdo will work well with you.

Lengthy One Side Funky Hairstyle

One dramatic way to wear a short hairstyle is leaving the one side longer compared to the rest. It gives you a playful and up-to-the-minute look without too much effort. To further enhance your appeal, you can adjunct this hairdo with the right color that complement well with your skin tone.

Face Framing Layers Cut

You can give angles to your round face with a face framing layers hairstyle. The back is simply cut short and layered while the sides have an addition of a longer fringe and framing layers. With this style on your tresses, you can style with great ease.

Cropped Pixie Hairstyle

If you are looking for a classic and sophisticated style for your tresses, count the cropped pixie cut in. It is very feminine despite the short cuts. Surprisingly, you can present yourself in a mature and good-looking way.

Blunt Bob Hairstyle

The classic hairstyle like the blunt bob has its own way of making a fashion statement. In fact, it can be tailored to suit any face shapes despite the same length cut. For more beautiful touches, you can add a side-swept fringe to soften your striking features or add color to your tresses.

Indeed the nice short hairstyles 2014 are tailored to suit everyone’s personality. Whether you want to inject some drama or fun into your personality, short hairdos will surely defy your expectations. It is just a matter of finding the right cut and living with it in a chic way.

Formal short hairstyles 2014The possibility of looking stunning seems to be endless with the versatility of formal short hairstyles 2014. From an ordinary look, you can have your overall appearance transformed into something brand new. In the end, it gives you the edge to flaunt your new self to the world.

Short hairstyles are becoming more revolutionized to women. From the simple hairdos to complicated hairstyles that you can see in the street or parties, each is characterized with distinct personality. This means the same thing when it comes to short hairstyles that have its own shares of surprises and elegance.

Layered Bob

With a layered bob haircut, your hair will gain volume and body. It will also give you the advantage of styling your hair when you decided to have a new look. One example of this is flipping out the ends of your hair for a sophisticated yet formal look.

Cropped Pixie Cut

If you want to look classic and very feminine, you can try a short cropped pixie haircut. The style itself merits the wearer a mature look without compromising the elegance. If you bear a heart, square or oval face shape, this haircut will suit you best.

Stackable Bob Hairstyle

You can wear a stackable bob whenever you want to party. In this haircut, you create an extra body and volume in the crown of your head by simply stacking the hair at the back. For more stunning look, you can create a side-swept heavy fringe in front to perfectly give emphasis your best features.

Angular Asymmetrical Bob Cut

If you have extremely strong features that you want to soften, an angular asymmetrical bob cut will do its share for you. In this haircut, the hair at the back is cut short while leaving the front a bit longer. In the end, it gives you a flattering and irresistible look.

Curled Bob Hairstyle

You can look alluring and lavishing by getting your natural curls turned into a bob cut. The beautiful waves give you a bouncy and lively look that you can surely display to the crowd. For more striking look, you can pull down some wispy bangs too.

Formal yet Magnificent

The formal short hairstyles 2014 will not keep your hidden looks at bay. By simply adding details, you will be on your way to show off the new you.

Simple short hairstyles 2014Find a look that you will surely adore with simple short hairstyles 2014. Whether you want to try a short hair cut or update your current short hairdo, this year’s trend will allow you to meet your expectations.

A simple hairstyle is what women often prefer. Aside from the convenience it renders to the wearer, this kind of hairdo can still be elegant despite its plainness. To prove this statement, see for yourself what the year 2014 has in store for you.

Blunt Bob with Long Side-Swept Fringe

The blunt bob hairdo is one classic and simple haircut that you can choose. It is characterized with a same length cut. For additional style, a long side-swept fringe can be made to suit any face shapes.

Angular Bob Haircut

If your face is round, the angular bob haircut will suit you best. With the angular cuts on the anterior sides, it creates an illusion of an oval face making it appear a bit elongated. For more style, you can complement it with the right hair color.

Thin-layered Bob

Another simple hairstyle that you can try is the girly thin-layered bob. If you have thin hair, this hairstyle will work well with you since it creates subtle volume that you will surely love. One more thing, if you have overwhelming features, this layered bob will soften it for you.

Cropped Pixie Haircut

The cropped pixie haircut is another simple yet elegant hairstyle that you can flaunt anywhere. It is flattering if you have a square, oval, or a heart shape face. More importantly, this hairstyle can accentuate your best features such as the eyes or nose.

Chin-length Curly Bob

If you have natural curls and want to try a shorter haircut, a chin-length curly bob can be flattering. The curls itself will add volume making your hair appear vibrant and full of life.

Going Fabulous with a Simple Style

Simple short hairstyles 2014 come with straightforward and chic hair styling. The look will obviously look simple, but the touch of elegance will always stay with it. Whether you want to update your hairdo or just want to make a drastic change, the right hairstyle will never fail you.

Blonde short hairstyles 2014Blonde short hairstyles 2014

If you are tired of a typical black or brown hairstyle, turn to blonde short hairstyles 2014. Not only the short blonde haircuts are easy to maintain, its color also fires up your appeal. In fact, it enhances your well-defined attributes in luminosity.

Blonde hairstyles are quiet inspiring for women of different ages. As for teenagers, styling of hair is fun and playful which only implies to blossoming youth. On the other hand, middle-aged women appear younger and more vibrant with a short haircut. No matter what your age group is, there is a unique hairstyle that will perfectly describe your personality.

Pointy Pixie Hairdo

If you want to look rebellious in a chic manner, wear a pointy pixie hairdo. The appearance of the hair is quiet messy as it allows some hair from the crown covering one side of your face in a sharp approach.

Multiple Layers

The multiple-layered haircut is another version of a pixie hairstyle. It demands a good eye and skills from a hairstylist to make you unquestionably chic and good-looking.

Fun Short Hairstyle

If you want to look nostalgic from the 1980’s, the fun short hairstyle is what you may have been looking for. It is an asymmetrical haircut that goes with an exaggerated fringe coming from the crown to one side.

Short Summer Hairstyle

Get ahead of summer by wearing a light summer hairstyle. In this hairdo, there is the need to apply several shades of blonde to keep it lustrous and cool to the eyes. For a more refined appearance, the hair on the sides is narrowly cut.

Pixie Cut with Spiky Top

Create a lively expression with a combo of a pixie cut and spikes. In this haircut, the sides and back are shaved using a razor. Spikes are styled on the top section to balance the impact. For women, this is a hit since it looks flattering and easy to maintain.

Say “cheers” to a New Look

A new hairstyle is indeed another reason for you to rejoice. Go and greet the world with a bright smile of overflowing confidence. Let the world witness how cheerful you have been with your great transition from the typical to a commendable look by wearing the best of the blonde short hairstyles 2014.

Elegant short hairstyles 2014Elegant short hairstyles 2014

Dare to be stylish with elegant short hairstyles 2014. Not will it only make you look gorgeously beautiful, it will also appraise your individual’s sense towards fashion. So figure out what would suit you best as you walk in into the reality of fashion.

There are many good reasons why short hairstyles are worth giving a try. As a matter of fact, these hairdos offer you versatility, convenience, and accentuated confidence.

Apart from this, a variety of options is available to suit your preference and needs.

– Sleek elegant. A sleek elegant haircut will make you stunningly great and sophisticated. This is made simply elegant by cutting the sides shorter and layered while the hairs on the nape are a bit longer. To make you look more feminine, you can style it with swept bangs.

– Short curly hairstyle. Short hairstyles do not discriminate women with curly hairs. You can take pride on short and curly trend by evenly cropping the hair short on the sides and back. As for the upper crown, cut it a bit longer to make eye-catchy curls.

– Messy Haircut. Many would think that a “mess” is not a style; but you can prove them wrong with the messy layered haircut. By simply straightening the long bangs covering the forehead and stylishly disordering it, you give yourself the credit of fashionably messy.

– Short pixie haircut. You can look glamorous with minimal effort with a short pixie haircut. After cutting your hair in choppy layers and pairing it with asymmetrical bangs, styling will not demand more time from you.

– Boyish haircut. Although this kind of haircut is pretty common, the boyish hairstyle can still be accentuated. Simply cut the sides longer while the back is cut very short. Afterwards, part the sides and give the bangs a wavy hairstyle.

To surmise it up, the elegant short hairstyles 2014 are definitely cool and inspiring. With a variant of options, you can speak out of your personality silently and with confidence to the world. So start figuring out the best cut for the best you.

Men’s Short Hairstyles 2014Men’s short hairstyles 2014

If you are tired of a typical hairdo, better check what men’s short hairstyles 2014 have in store for you. Many trendsetters have come up with playful hair touches that will kill boredom from an outdated fashion. What are these is for you to find out.

From the previous seasons, many hairstylists have tweaked on men’s haircuts. In today’s opening year, a bunch of styles are artistically innovated to emphasize men’s personality and accentuate features. If you want to be imbued with masculine style, here is a taste of hairstyles for 2014.

– Spiky hairstyle. This kind of hairstyle has been popular on the previous years and until now. It uses stronghold gel to maintain the shape and style of hair. What is more convenient about spiky hairstyle is that you can have it done in less than five minutes.

– Regular boyish haircut. If you want to look masculine enough, a regular boyish cut is what you will need. Although the cut is simple, it will enhance your great facial features. Another good thing about this haircut is ease of styling.

– Mohawk style. In this hairstyle, the sides are cut while the upper crown towards the back is left longer than the sides. By styling the upper crown as that of spike, you can look more exciting and thrilling.

– Messy short hair. A well-styled messy hair is included in the vocabulary of fashion. Simply disarrange the strands of your hair adjacent to the forehead. In the end, it will give you a gothic appearance.

– Side haircut. No matter what generation or year it is, classic hairstyle still tends to be trendy. It is widely acceptable not only for school boys, but as well as to middle-aged men. The very reason for such acceptance is the style’s capability of making you look younger than your actual age.

Men’s hairstyle is more inclined to short cuts. Although the hair is trimmed short, there is still an array of choices on styling the hair to uplift men’s confidence. This is pretty much evident with the different men’s short hairstyles 2014.

Short Hairstyles 2014 TrendsShort Hairstyles 2014 TrendsIf you want to change your look with something new, you may want to think about getting one of the short hairstyles 2014 is bringing. There are many celebrities sporting some of these avant garde cuts that you might want to use as inspiration. When you go to your hair stylist for your next cut, see if you can get them to give you a sampling of their own short hairstyles. They may have some great looks waiting for you, if you can stand to part with your long locks.

Short Hairstyles 2014 Trends – Bob Cut

This look has been around for a while, but it is quickly coming back in popularity. Many celebrities have worn this style off and on, so look for it to come back in fashion soon. This cut looks best when you can use it to frame your face in a certain style. Talk to your stylist to see if he or she feels comfortable giving you this cut with your current hair.

Short Hairstyles 2014 Trends – Cropped Pixie Cut

This is a layered style that is looking to make a splash among celebrities and fashion icons over the next year. Many models have been featured in magazines with this look, which is usually a good indication that it will be trending upward soon. If you do go with this style, talk to your hair stylist about using a mousse regularly to achieve a certain look. Hair stylists can probably give you some helpful advice about products to add with this hairstyle.

Short Hairstyles 2014 Trends – Layered Trim

The layered trim look has been consistently popular over the last few years, so expect it to stay in style throughout the next few years as well. The idea behind this cut is that it maintains the versatility in how you want to utilize your hair. It may keep your hair slightly longer than some of these hairstyles, or it may trim your hair down to a boyish length. Since there are so many options, you’ll want to talk to your hair stylist to see which one will truly look best on you. He or she will probably be able to identify some celebrities you can mimic by choosing this style.

In all, there will be some very exciting short hairstyles 2014 will bring to us. If you’ve ever thought about going with a tighter hairstyle, now would be the time to jump on the bandwagon. There are so many great ones to choose from that you’ll want some time to try them all.