Cool short hairstyles 2015You can carry cool short hairstyles 2015 in a very classy way. Short hair can make you look sophisticated and eddy because it makes you stand out from the crowd. It is one of the biggest trends of 2015.

Makeup ideas for short hair

Here are some makeup ideas for short hair:

– Highlight your face with make-up because short hair let others have a clear view of your features.

– Use a toner before applying foundation or concealer because it keeps the make-up on for a long time.

– When applying foundation on your face, try to focus on your nose, chin, cheekbones and forehead. Use a foundation lighter than your skin tone to highlight your face.

– Since, your eyes will be prominent with short hair so pick an eye shadow according to the event and play with eye shadow colors to give a great color to your eyes.

– Shape your eyes with an eyebrow pencil for defining your perfect eyes.

– Add a silver eye shadow on your brow line along with any color of your eye shadow.

– On the upper and lower eyelid of your eyes, add a line of kohl or eyeliner to finish your eye look. This tip is perfect for women with short hair.

– To define your cheeks, add a blush to the apples of your cheek. Use color which suits your skin best.

– One of the make-up ideas for short hair also includes application of eyeliner. You can apply eyeliner on to make your eyes look big and to give a beautiful shape to it.

Cool short hairstyles 2015Short hair accessories

Short hair need hair accessories to make them stand out. Here are a few ideas for showing off the short hair accessories in your hair. Always remember that for you, less is more.

– You can add a big flower to your bun or on the side of your hair instead of huge barrettes.

– If you have bangs, you can sweep them back on the side and secure them with a small studded clip.

– An antique band works well with short hair. It fits on the crown of your head and feels fluff.

– Hair combs define your feminism and style. The hair comb is simple yet a beautiful antique hair accessory for your short hair. It is perfect for the holiday season and formal dinners.

– For a casual look, you can tie a fabric wrap around your head. These fabric wraps are available in both plain and printed wraps. This hair accessory is fun and casual.

– You can braid your bangs and secure the braids with bobby pins having buttons, diamantes or small flowers on them. This hair accessory will add flair in your hair.

Cool short hairstyles 2015 are very in this year. They are perfect for all the four seasons. You just need to style them with a decent make-up and a cute hair accessory for short hair. But don’t overdo your hair by over accessorizing your short hair.

Short summer hairstyles 2015There are many unique short summer hairstyles 2015 that can make you look adorable and beautiful. When summer comes up, females think about the new ways to wear their hair. In summer, you can try thousands of unique hair styles for your short hair, since warm weather brings out the tousled texture and bright dye jobs that you often miss during the winter. Here are some wonderful hairstyles for short hair that you should try in 2015.

 Bold Red

 Tons of volume and bold red color can make your short hairstyle really stand out.

 How to Style

 – Use Volumizing mousse to towel-dried hair.

– Part your hair to one side slightly diagonal.

– Use your fingertips for lifting roots when you blow dry.

– A small round brush can be used for lifting your hair and turn under towards the back.

– Finish by defining a little texture wax.

– For extra control, add medium hold hairspray.

 Layered Bob Hair Style

 Layered bob is a slightly different variation as compared to traditional bobs. If you have slightly longer bobs, then you can pin your hair up when necessary. You can also curl it into waves. Layered bob offers a trendy, stylish, attractive look for less maintenance time. Long layers keep your angled bob silky, sleek and summer-perfect. For styling your layer bob hair style to silky and sleek, take care of following things.

 How to Style

 – Use heat protecting serum.

– Use a flat iron for smoothing sections, and turn hair under towards the end of every section.

– For additional control, use medium hold hair spray.

 Best Face Shape For layered bob

 This hairstyle works best on square, heart, or oval face shapes and most easily on wavy or straight hair.

 Short summer hairstyles 2015Short Braids

 Braids on both sides of the middle give your short hairs an edgy feel. The best thing is that they are super easy and simple to create.

 How to Style

 – Use Volumizing mousse on your dried hair.

– Make us of a medium round brush to lift hair and directing it back as you blow dry.

– Section each side into two horizontal sections.

– Now, braid both sections so the braid is visible on the outside. Make sure to secure end of each braid with a hair pin.

 These are the some gorgeous and popular short summer hairstyles 2015. You can try these hairstyles with different variations in your short hairs. Short hair cuts and hairstyles are especially famous in the summers, since they look cooler in warm temperatures.

Formal hairstyles 2015 for short hairHair is the one thing that women value most, so the way your hair looks says a lot about your personality. You want to look trendy and fashionable at the same time maintain a formal look at the office. The idea of cutting your hair short for most ladies is something that they cannot come to terms with. Those who have mastered the courage to cut their hair can enjoy the many ways of variety of styling short hair.

2015 ideas for styling short hair

Popular belief is that you will have limited hairstyles to use. In the real sense short hair is can look as awesome as long hair if you have ideas for styling. If you want to get a new look for formal hairstyles 2015 for short hair in the coming year, here are some great ideas to work with.

1.Short Angled bob- this hairstyle is for medium short hair, and keeps to the collar bone making an angle at the back of the neck. The hair at the front can take a plain cut at the middle or slightly on the sides.

2.Short Pixie cut- in this style, the hair is short on the back and sides and a slightly longer at the top. This is a fashionable formal look that is easy to style manage.

3.Tousled layered bob-is another type that adds natural look to your short hair. It has many ways of styling

4.Short bob- there are different hairstyles for short bob such as the blunt bob that works very well for people who have thick hair; the choppy layered bob has several layers that work well for people who have thin hair which is compensated by the layers.

5.Bob with bangs- this style is long on the front and top and styled to fall over the face and sides. Short back and long bangs is more fitting for a square face.

Understand your hair

Formal hairstyles 2015 for short hairIf you have a great stylist, they can show you the best hairstyle for your type of hair and face structure. For instance, if you are round faced, you should use a long bob cut, if your hair is curly, bob may not be the best thing for you.

Formal short hair is flexible

One of the best things a bout short hair is that it can be worn with almost any type of attire whether it is formal or informal. It is in fashion every season so you will never be out of place in any occasion with short hair. Most formal hairstyles for women in the past have the boyish look that some women may not be very fond of. The formal hairstyles 2015 for short hair are versatile so that they look more attractive and feminine.

Short blonde hairstyles 2015One topic that will make a stir in the new season is the short blonde hairstyles 2015. The fact that 2015’s hairstyles are filled with amazing surprises, maybe it is just right for you to know how you can let it work well with make-up and your dress style. Of course, you can achieve that attractive sunny-head sweet and sophisticated-looking girl with these tips.

Let’s get started!

Make-up Tips for Short Blonde Hairstyles

– Go for Light and Natural Colors. You can look great and superb everyday by wearing make-up with light colors. Soft tones such as peach, pale pink, and beige will not appear harsh on you.

– Charm Your Lips. As you paint a smile, make it more adorable and sweet. For your lips, you can use an orange-based red, pink, or red lipstick. In this manner, your lips will appear natural and unquestionably exquisite.

– Radiant Cheeks. Let your cheeks speak up for your glow. For women who have dark blonde tresses, go for a brownish rose color blush. For fairer blonde women, light pink will look excellent on you. As for the peach and rose shades, these colors will go perfectly for women with golden blonde hair.

– Consider Your Skin Color. Your skin tone matters a lot whenever you are about to select a particular shade for your make-up. For instance, fairer individuals can wear almost any colors under the sun while a golden-skin lady will look stunning in a cherry red lipstick.

– Use Medium Brown Mascara. As mentioned earlier, light tones will look best on blonde women. In view of this, do not use black mascara for your lashes. It will appear creepy and harsh on you. Instead, go for a medium brown color.

– Work on Your Eyebrow Appropriately. You should not give too much effort in defining your eyebrows too well. For blonde women, use eyebrow pencils that come in light greyish hue. In this manner, your eyebrow will complement well to your blonde tresses.

How to Dress with Short Blonde Hair

Short blonde hairstyles 2015– Pull Out the Look in Pastel Colors. Not everyone can pull out the lovely look in pastels. If you are blonde, then you have the edge to sport an adorable look in pastel colors. Shades such as soft greens, pinks, and yellows can make you look more lovely and adorable.

– Right Color for Warm and Cool Blondes. If you want to flaunt flawlessly, then the right shade of clothes have to be worn. For warm blondes, go for aqua, tomato red, and turquoise shades. As for cool blondes, opt for gray-toned colors. Examples of these colors are baby blue and mint green.

– Your Body Type and Shape Matters. Whenever you choose a dress, you should take into consideration what dress style will suit you best. In fact, a slender blonde will need a dress that will add volume to her actual body while a busty woman will have to wear a free-flowing dress.

– Match Your Hairstyle. Very feminine dresses will not suit all short blonde hairstyles. In view of this, you have to match your current up-do with the appropriate dress code. For instance, a short bob will look good in a semi-formal or formal outfit. If you wear a Mohawk hairdo, then you might need to exert effort on working on your wardrobe.

Without a doubt, the short blonde hairstyles 2015 utters great confidence. By also working on the other aspects of fashion which are make-up and dress styling, you complete a head-turning appeal. As you practice the tips, all you have to do is be comfortable and bring yourself well. Good luck!


Hairstyles for short hair 2015If you want to achieve the hippest hairstyles for short hair 2015, then you are exactly on the perfect page. We have rounded up the list of hairstyles that will dominate the upcoming year, so you might just take advantage of this to bring out the best in your crowning glory. Read on!

– Bob Cut. This style is achieved by cutting the ends to around jaw-level and is aligned closely to the face to emphasize facial curves.

– Shag. If you want that stylish choppy look on the layers of your hair, shag hairstyle is best for you. It is done by creating layers to create fullness in the crown and fringes around the edges of your hair. Some women find this sexy while others say that this hairstyle can make you look even younger.

– Cinnamon Knot. This is designed to add more life to bob cut. This can be done by forming knots in your hair through bobby pins and twisting the knots upwards close to the head with ends tucked forming a curl shape. This usually works best with a light hold spray.

– Auburn Glamour. Another style to trend in 2015 is the auburn glamour. All you need to do is create a soft part and large sections using a large barrel curling iron leaving the curls undisturbed with bobby pins. You can use the curls to frame your hair or style the fringes as desired.
– Daffodil Delight. If you want to show that fierceness and strong personality in you, daffodil delight would be the best option. This style is characterized by geometric edges in the sides or in the bangs. The hair should be straightened for a sleek finish with ends from the crown flicked up and out.

Finding the right hairstyle for your hair is a must. You can never know how much your style would bring to you, so you should keep abreast of what’s in or not. The same thing goes with finding the right dress and shoes for your short hair.

Hairstyles for short hair 2015Dress ideas for short hair

Tanks like Racerbacks and Wifebeaters or Printed Tanks will complement your short hair. No to wide collars although collared dresses will fit your short hair as well. To top your perfect outfit, ballet shoes or other flats are the best to complement.

Make-up tips for short hair

Nothing is completed without the right make-up. If you have a short hair, you have to make your eyes stand out by using metallic shades like dust gold eye shadow across your lids with bronze hue. Your foundation need not to be strong, a smooth foundation will do to even your skin tone. For your lips, a simple lip balm is enough but opting for dark colors is also an option.

Getting that perfect look with hairstyles for short hair 2015 is a sure winning new year’s resolution. You might be thinking about it already just after you read the tips mentioned. Nothing should stop you from doing it, go on and groom yourself to the fullest.

Vintage short hairstyles 2015The vintage short hairstyles 2015 have found its ground to stand firm this year. As a matter of fact, a lot of women search for these retro hairstyles; because it simply rocks their fashion world. If you want to have a taste of this so-called retro essence, start reading this section.

Why it Start to be Trendy?

Without a doubt, the retro-inspired hairstyles are starting to get the attention of many stylish women out there. It literally comes back to life with an additional twist that many women will surely love. In the long run, the vintage-inspired up-do can uplift your aesthetics in a contemporary yet elegant approach.

Retro Bob Hairstyle

The retro bob hairstyle can indeed make you look traditional yet sophisticated at the same time. In this hairstyle, the tresses are curled and cut short in a layered manner. Once it is done, slightly disarrange to gain volume and appeal.

The Wet Look Up-do

Another hairstyle that will be trendy this year is the wet look up-do. To achieve this look, all you have to is apply a gel and arrange the hair as you like. To make it last longer, do not forget to apply the finishing spray.

Pin-up Hairstyle

The pin-up haircut is another hairstyle that spreads inspiration. By the way it is styled, the up-do is chic and very appealing. To attain this look, simply curl your hair and let it stood from both sides and at the crown.

Wild Curls Up-do

Curls are trendy back in the old days. If you want to bring it back to life, simply curl your hair and let it go loose and wild. Do not think on the “messy” idea of what the other people may think. It is because this up-do is already made up to be as it is.

Retro and Style Meets Halfway

With the vintage short hairstyles 2015 mentioned earlier, they have one feature that comes dominantly which is hair volume. At this point, the volume gives shape and appeal to the wearer to eventually boost a woman’s appeal. This makes retro-inspired up-do trendy and in demand.

Best short hairstyles 2015Are you looking for the best short hairstyles 2015? Maybe you are already tired of wearing your hair long especially in the summer days as it is really hot and buggy to have a lengthy hair. Well, short hair has never gone out of style anyway, so trying such hairdo will be worth it.

In order to get the best short hairstyle, you need to consider some things. First is your face’s shape. There are hairstyles that only do well with certain facial shapes. You also need to figure out which color will suit the hairstyle and of course, your complexion. To give you some ideas of which can be the right hairdo for you, take a look at these:

Copper Chop

This is a chin-length hairdo that is perfect for those who have wavy hair texture. This comes with layers all throughout, and bangs that graze your eyebrows. This will go well with those who have heart, diamond, long, or oval facial shape. The perfect color for this hairstyle is copper-red or light brown.

Natural Spirals

If you have those elegant corkscrew curls, then having your hair cropped up would not be a problem. Your locks will give you that posh look once you go for a straw set hairdo. You can keep the style up by applying humidity-resistant curl control hairspray or cream. This is best for those who have pear, long, diamond, or oval face shape.

Smooth Red Wine

If you desire a real head-turning hairdo, then you should try the smooth red wine angled bob. All you need to do is part your hair to a side by using the center of your one eye as the guide for the part’s starting point. This will be good on you if you have a red, straight hair. This is perfect if you have a square, pear, round, or oval-shaped face.

Short hair is stylish and cute, and you deserve the chance to wear that trend. These three hairdos are just among the best short hairstyles 2015. Depending on your taste and lifestyle, you can pick a hairstyle that will really suit you.

Elegant short hairstyles 2015Whereas long hair is preferred by many, elegant short hairstyles 2015 can be just as striking and beautiful. Every woman longs to look as gorgeous as possible in a hairstyle of her choice. This is because for the longest time, hair has been considered to be the woman’s crowning glory.

There are numerous trendy hairstyles this year that you can follow, but you need to consider the one that will suit the shape of your face and your head. Long hairstyles may be the popular choice, but short hair can be as beautiful or even more elegant. Check out the list below:

Classy bowl cut hairstyle

This 2015 is going to be the year of retro style. When we talk about retro styles, it does not have to be associated with “old”. This year, the classy bowl cut is upgraded with a modern twist. This hairstyle works best if you have feminine facial features and has straight and polished hair.

Stylish bob hairstyle

If you want to have both versatility and texture, then you should check out the stylish bob hairstyle. One of the best advantages of this hairstyle is that it has the ability to suit all face shapes. Plus, wearing this updo can create and elegant and seductive look.

Polished updo

Wearing the polished updo can make you rock the red carpet or any evening event you will be attending as it can emphasize your best features. You can wear this elegant pulled hairstyle together with your evening gown. You can wear the deep side parted or the middle parted style depending on the shape of your face.

Short pixie haircut

This type of haircut features the side shave haircuts, which are ever popular and trendy. If you want to express the funky style in you, then you should wear this pixie hairstyle. This look will challenge your sculpting skills and give you a chance to experiment with a bunch of terrific styles.

Wearing these elegant short hairstyles 2015 are a natural feel and are also easy to maintain. When going for the short hairstyles however, you need to consider which styles work best for your type of profession or the event that you are about to attend.

Women short hairstyles 2015Women short hairstyles 2015

Wearing women short hairstyles 2015 is a good way to give you a smart and trendy look. It is believed that hair enhances the beauty of a person and is of utmost importance especially for a woman. And when it comes to wearing a short hairstyle, all you need to do is be confident at all times.

Over the years, many types of short hairstyles have eventually evolved in order to give you a more beautiful and trendy personality. If you look at these short hairstyles, you will surely find a few that fit your personality. Do not be afraid to experiment and play around, and see which among the hairstyles below will make you feel good about yourself:

High Profile

The high profile is one of the popular short hairstyles that you should try. To create a beautiful profile, you need to add a graduation at the back of the hair to build weight right at the occipital bone, the saucer-shaped bone located at the back and lower part of skull. This hairstyle can give you both sexy and chic look.

Textured Asymmetry

Textured asymmetry is a trendy hairstyle that is done by creating a two-sided hair. In this style, you will have a side that is slightly angled and another one that is angled pretty steep. Adding bangs that are angled can make this look more glamorous and elegant. And to make it look hotter, try adding brown hair dye.

Slight Incline

Do you want to create a “new you”? Then you should try the slight incline because it has a slightly diagonal bob that can offer different shape to your face. This is the best short hairstyle to wear if you want to highlight your feminism.

Hidden Stack

If your hair is blessed with great volume regardless of your face shape, the hidden stack is the perfect hairstyle to try. This hairstyle looks great with a little shorter back with a longer piece in the front to veil over graduation.

So, there you go. These are four of the coolest women short hairstyles 2015! Try the one you think is best for you and start drawing attention in every gathering.

Asymmetrical short hairstyles 2015Trendy asymmetrical short hairstyles 2015

Nowadays, the asymmetrical short hairstyles 2015 are what most women craze over. It is for the fact that these hairstyles come in a wide range of alluring versions that anyone will find them hard to resist. If you are into fashion, then this article is an opportunity for you to get in touch with what is trendy this year.

Hot and trendy: bob haircut

Both celebrities and ordinary individuals know what is with the bob haircut. At first glance, the hairdo is attractive because of the uneven cut of the hair on both sides. The other is longer while the other one is shorter.

The versions of short bob hairstyle

The bob hairstyle comes in a variety of lovely versions. As a matter of fact, you can try out the short-length bob haircut which appears to be awesome and versatile. On top of this, you can also go for a medium or long-length bob hairstyle.

Wind-swept asymmetrical bob cut

You can look fresh and vibrant with a wind-swept asymmetrical up-do. In this hairstyle, one side is noticeably cut short while the other side is quiet longer. For a full dramatic and cool effect, make the side with the longer hair flip out a bit.

One-colored bob hairstyle

Whether you are a brunette or a blonde girl, you can behold the glamour of what the bob hairstyle can offer you. You can also experiment with a bob hairstyle in different colors such as brown or hot red. Just make sure that you have what it takes to pull out the look.

Colorful bob hairdo

You can amplify the appeal of a bob hairstyle in multicolor. If you are unsure of the right color combination, do not hesitate to ask your hairstylist on what will suit you best. You can tinge your hair with blue and black, or blonde and black.

The catch

The asymmetrical short hairstyles 2015 are surely packed with glamour and appeal. Similar to that of a bob haircut, it comes in a wide range of versions that suit your craving for what is hot and trendy this year. Simply make up your choice and say “YES” to a brand new you.