Simple short hairstylesHow to show off new short haircut?

Simple short hairstyles is the most popular looks for many women. Not only are they easy to maintenance, it doesn’t take very much to make them look fantastic. They can be daring or they can be upscale and classy. They also offer women a variety of styles that they can choose from.

What are the Benefits?

If you ask any woman who has opted for a short hairstyle, you will find that her favorite thing about it is the fact that they are very easy to style. However, it is just as easy to style in different ways so that you can create a new look for yourself on a daily basis. Short hair is also much lighter than long hair, which may make it hold curl better.

There is a wide range of women that have opted for a style that is cut short and many have drawn inspiration from the many celebrity women who have adopted this style. From pixie cuts to short bobs, you will see it all when you look down the red carpet and fans of all generations are flocking to the popular cuts that they see on their favorite celebrities.

This makes having a short very versatile. Women of all ages, colors and sizes can be seen with this hairstyle, which makes this a truly universal item. They are also a great way for hair stylists to show off the skills that they have worked so hard to gain.

Adding Makeup and Accessories

One of the best ways to dress up your look is to add makeup that will show off your beauty. Remember, when you have a short hairstyle, your entire face is the focus and it is important that you show off your best features. Make sure that you take some time to focus around the eye so that they will really pop. A good quality foundation and a flattering lip color are also crucial.

Although there are many things that you can do to style your hair without them, accessories are very popular among women with this style of hair. However, this does not mean that you can’t dress it up differently. There are many accessories that can complete your beautiful look and below are some of the most popular:

– Headbands
– Head Wraps
– Barrettes
– Clips
– Bows
– Feathers
– Ribbons



It seems as though every summer, a new hairstyle emerges that shows off the beauty of a hair style that is cut short. Women with long hair typically find that the weather makes their hair sticky and unmanageable. With a short style, women are able to stay cooler, but still have a way to look fantastic without pulling their hair into a ponytail.

Simple short hairstyles can be a fun way to show your personality and your style. If you are considering one of these popular options for yourself, keep in mind that you will have plenty of ways that you can make the style your own. When it comes time to choose your next hairstyle, be sure to consider one of these popular options for yourself.

Vintage short hairstyles 2015The vintage short hairstyles 2015 have found its ground to stand firm this year. As a matter of fact, a lot of women search for these retro hairstyles; because it simply rocks their fashion world. If you want to have a taste of this so-called retro essence, start reading this section.

Why it Start to be Trendy?

Without a doubt, the retro-inspired hairstyles are starting to get the attention of many stylish women out there. It literally comes back to life with an additional twist that many women will surely love. In the long run, the vintage-inspired up-do can uplift your aesthetics in a contemporary yet elegant approach.

Retro Bob Hairstyle

The retro bob hairstyle can indeed make you look traditional yet sophisticated at the same time. In this hairstyle, the tresses are curled and cut short in a layered manner. Once it is done, slightly disarrange to gain volume and appeal.

The Wet Look Up-do

Another hairstyle that will be trendy this year is the wet look up-do. To achieve this look, all you have to is apply a gel and arrange the hair as you like. To make it last longer, do not forget to apply the finishing spray.

Pin-up Hairstyle

The pin-up haircut is another hairstyle that spreads inspiration. By the way it is styled, the up-do is chic and very appealing. To attain this look, simply curl your hair and let it stood from both sides and at the crown.

Wild Curls Up-do

Curls are trendy back in the old days. If you want to bring it back to life, simply curl your hair and let it go loose and wild. Do not think on the “messy” idea of what the other people may think. It is because this up-do is already made up to be as it is.

Retro and Style Meets Halfway

With the vintage short hairstyles 2015 mentioned earlier, they have one feature that comes dominantly which is hair volume. At this point, the volume gives shape and appeal to the wearer to eventually boost a woman’s appeal. This makes retro-inspired up-do trendy and in demand.

Short curly hairstyles 2015Short curly hairstyles 2015

How to be beautiful with curly hair in this season?

The short curly hairstyles 2015 are definitely head turners. As for women, wearing short curly up-dos is a challenge because managing curly tresses is quiet demanding. With this list of curly hairstyles for short hair, your perception might change.

Short Cropped Hairstyle

The short cropped hairstyle is one stunning yet low-maintenance up-do. In this hairstyle, the tresses are cut above the neck while long strands of curly hair are left on the anterior sides. Whether you go to an ordinary routine or formal occasion, you are already geared up with gorgeousness.

Pixie Up-do

The pixie hairstyle does not only work for women who naturally have straight hair. As a matter of fact, it also works on women who have curly tresses. Even when you get your hair chopped to a pixie cut, you do not have to worry for its maintenance.

Layered Hairstyle

When curly tresses are cut short, it often assumes a triangular shape which seems not to be attractive. To avoid this hair mishap, you can chop your hair in a layered haircut. Even if your hair is ultra-curly, your tresses can carry on the bouncy and attractive shape.

Accessorized Curls

Even though your hair is naturally curly, you can adorn it with fancy headpieces. You can use headbands, turbans, or any other headpieces that can uplift your appeal. In the long run, your curly tresses appear romantic and irresistible.

Wild Curls

When it comes to fashion, wild curls are highly regarded. It is because it speaks of boldness when you let your curly tresses go loose. More importantly, only a few can wear this hairstyle with less effort.

Haircut plus Hair Color

With a short curly haircut and striking hair color, you are well to go to the road of elegance. Take the time to experiment and try hair colors such as blonde, brunette, bronze, and other vibrant hues.


The short curly hairstyles 2015 are truly stunning and elegant. Its beauty last longer because most of these hairstyles come in low-maintenance. With this, there is no reason for you not to try this curly hair craze.

Pictures of short hairstyles Pictures of short hairstyles

Why men and women wear short hairstyles?

If you are seeing pictures of short hairstyles on the web, you might ask why these men and women are very much inclined to it. At first glance, you might think the reason for wearing this craze is fashion, but there is more to it. If you want to know the reasons behind this wide acceptance, then read on.

Reason #1: Convenient and Low to Moderate Maintenance

Compared to long hair, a short hairstyle does not demand a great deal of attention. Just like in an extremely short haircut, combing can be taken out from the regular grooming routine. As for the other hairstyles such as angular bob or one length, these up-dos will need to be trimmed on a regular basis. Overall, you can go to an event or to the office without too much fuss.

Reason #2: Versatile

Contrary to what many people think, short hairstyles are limited in styling options. For a fact, this concept is partially true especially when your hair is cut extremely short with no lengths to style on. As for hairstyles that have lengths and heights, it will give you no bounds for styling.

Reason #3: Suit a Variety of Face Shapes

Short hairstyles flatter different face shapes. Pixie hairstyle for women will suit oval, square, round, and heart-shaped faces. For men whose face shape is square, modern slick back hairstyle is the perfect choice.

Reason #4: Can Make You Look Young

Whether you are a man or a woman in your middle age, you can absolutely look cool and young-spirited with a short up-do. The reason behind this is linked with the acceptance of the youth to this stylish up-do. As a matter of fact, you too can make it superb by adding a fringe or highlights just like what the young do these days.

Just Got Convinced

The pictures of short hairstyles come in variant to suit every person’s motive for wearing a short up-do. Overall, style and other perks such as convenience, versatility, suitability for different face shapes, and anti-aging effect make both men and women make a buzz on this year’s short hairstyle trends.

Short hairstyles for women over 50Short hairstyles for women over 50

How to be beautiful at this age?

The short hairstyles for women over 50 are well-loved by older ladies who wants to look young despite the actual age. Short hair has been the preference because women do not feel that they will go wrong with it. More importantly, the short hairstyles give women a sense of extravagance, versatility, and comfort.

Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

Although your age is stepping forward, you can still have that youthful spirit reflected in a full asymmetrical bob hairstyle. This up-do is characterized with smoothness and health that are often lost whenever you add years to your age. With the asymmetric hairstyle and subtle bangs that frame your face, you show up your best features to the crowd.

Pixie Haircut

If you are a busy person even at the age of 50, then the pixie hairstyle is perfect for you. Since your hair is literally chopped stylishly short, then you do not have to spend much time in pulling out the ready-to-go look.

Short Messy Hairstyle

Who says you cannot manage to look gorgeous in your age with a short and messy hairstyle? The unkempt appearance in this hairstyle is still imbued with a sense of fashion. All you have to do is hold the style in place with the use of hairspray.

Textured and Flipped Bob Up-do

The youths are known for lively and fun spirit as these individuals enjoy hair styling to any fashionable means. You can be young at heart as well when you try to experiment with your bob hairstyle. One variation that you can come up in this haircut is the flipped up-do. Simply flip the ends of your tresses outside and enjoy the fun yet gorgeous look.

Short Wavy or Curly Hair

You might not have any idea, but many women over the age of 50 spend a lot just to get their hair curled. If you already have natural curly hair, then seize the opportunity to flaunt and style. Short curly hairstyle is imbued with the concept of romance and you will surely love it.

The short hairstyles for women over 50 will definitely make you look young and vibrant. All you have to do is wear it and be confident.

Short Brown HairstylesShort brown hairstyles

There is no denial that the short brown hairstyles still compete with the blonde color. Hairstyles such as pixie cut, angular up-do, and shaggy are just some of the short hairstyles that are beautifully complemented by the light and dark brown shades.

In instances you want to be a brown-haired girl, there are some guidelines that need to be observed before you chop your hair short and paint it with brown.

Face Shape

Not all short haircuts suit all face shapes. At this point, when you choose a haircut, it should complement your facial contour. For instance, opt for a cropped pixie if you have heart, oval or square face shape. If you have a round face, then you should stay away from a classic bob hairstyle.

The Hair Texture

Before you choose a short brown hairstyle, you should bear in mind your hair texture. Determine first whether it is curly, frizzy, straight, fine, wavy, or coarse. This will be your guide in short hairstyle selection.

Skin Tone

You will not be plain boring in brunette if you know how to choose the right brown shade for your skin tone. When you properly selected the right hue, you are just on your way to a beautiful you.

– For light skin tones. If you are fair-skinned, avoid the dark color. You may rather consider warm red tones.

– For medium skin tones. If you have medium skin tone, do not be too inclined for warm or light brown shades. Although these brown colors may look good on you, it would be best to be on neutral like the medium brown.

– For dark skin tones. The dark color will look more natural for dark skin tone like olive. Do not go for lighter shades as it will be in conflict with your skin tone.

Cutting the hair short and painting it with brown is definitely a major decision for women who want short brown hairstyles. It is then important to consider some things before you head to the salon and do a complete hair make-over.

Very short hairstyles 2014For many women who cannot devote much time in styling, the very short hairstyles 2014 are perfect. These hairstyles become more appealing due to a myriad of reasons. Some of these are convenience, easy to do, and very stylish on its own.

If you are considering a short hairstyle, think over it first. There are a lot of things to consider before jumping into action such as the face shape and the kind of haircut. To ensure that you only get the best, here are some of the best short hairstyles to wear year-round.

Dramatic Close Cropped Hairstyle

Let the world take a glimpse on your stunning beauty by wearing a short haircut. As the tresses on the sides are cut short while leaving the top a bit longer, you open up that feminine looks of yours. When you add some curls on top, you give off the dramatic effect.

Convenient Cropped Pixie Cut

Big transformation awaits you in wearing a cropped pixie cut. If you have a heart, square or oval face shape, then this hairstyle will suit you best. As a matter of fact, the pixie cut can make you look timeless and sophisticated whenever you go to ordinary routines and even formal events.

Versatile Slicked Back Hairstyle

Men are not the only ones who can wear a slicked back up-do with confidence. If you have a round face shape, you can pull out the look of a very lovely and astonishing individual. It is all thanks to its potential to bring the attention on your stunning facial features.

There is no doubt that these very short hairstyles 2014 can perfectly suit women’s personality. It is then just a matter of bringing all the courage and confidence to bring out the gorgeous and jaw-dropping look.

Female Short Hairstyles 2014How to be beautiful with short hair?

The female short hairstyles 2014 are real show stoppers. These hairdos embrace the fabulous and adorable side of fashion that you, as a woman would find it difficult to refuse. So if you want to get the spotlight of this lifetime, feel free to get your own short hairstyle from these magnificent ideas.

Sleek Faux Bob Up-Do

If you do not want to cut your hair short, but like to flaunt in the hippest short hairdo of this generation, a faux bob will perfectly work with you. Do the clever work by simply tucking your long hair underneath it to make it look wittingly short. To make it all perfect, do not forget to apply an anti-frizz serum.

Girlish Short Waves Hairstyle

Let your beauty shine to the world without those lovely locks. Just chopped your hair short and put some soft waves on your crown to give that strong appeal. Surely, you will get delighted with the result especially when all your positive and very feminine features come to light.

Angular Bob with Side Fringe Hairdo

The angular bob is one flattering hairstyle that suits women with round faces. With the addition of a side fringe, it will soften your overwhelming features to make you look unquestionably fabulous. You can also enhance the impact by wearing hair colors that complement well with your skin tone.

Short Messy Textured Bob

In this hairstyle, there is no need to bother in keeping your tresses in place. The hairstyle itself is low maintenance as you allow it to go play freely. Despite the messy idea, you can still manage to look fun and attractive with its flattering textures and choppy layers.

Unstructured Pixie Cut

One of the popular hairstyles this 2014 is the unstructured pixie cut. Just like the messy short textured bob, the unstructured pixie cut also bears a messy yet adorably fun look. For a more lavishing look, shaggy bangs can also be worn.

The female short hairstyles 2014 are definitely attention-getters. It is for the fact that these hairdos are bolder compared to the traditional looks that women often portray. Just pick your short hairstyle of choice and be daring like you have never been before.

Nice Short Hairstyles 2014How to look nice with a new hair style?

The nice short hairstyles 2014 have been the craze for many women of any ages. For a fact, short haircuts can inevitably give you a modish look whilst with elegance. So before you jump off to this trend, give yourself first some brief view on 2014’s extraordinary cut innovations.

Funky Mohawk

If you are brave enough for the funky obsession style, then chopped your hair to get that funky Mohawk hairstyle. This kind of hairstyling confidently draws attention to your face. So, if you have those expressive eyes, this hairdo will work well with you.

Lengthy One Side Funky Hairstyle

One dramatic way to wear a short hairstyle is leaving the one side longer compared to the rest. It gives you a playful and up-to-the-minute look without too much effort. To further enhance your appeal, you can adjunct this hairdo with the right color that complement well with your skin tone.

Face Framing Layers Cut

You can give angles to your round face with a face framing layers hairstyle. The back is simply cut short and layered while the sides have an addition of a longer fringe and framing layers. With this style on your tresses, you can style with great ease.

Cropped Pixie Hairstyle

If you are looking for a classic and sophisticated style for your tresses, count the cropped pixie cut in. It is very feminine despite the short cuts. Surprisingly, you can present yourself in a mature and good-looking way.

Blunt Bob Hairstyle

The classic hairstyle like the blunt bob has its own way of making a fashion statement. In fact, it can be tailored to suit any face shapes despite the same length cut. For more beautiful touches, you can add a side-swept fringe to soften your striking features or add color to your tresses.

Indeed the nice short hairstyles 2014 are tailored to suit everyone’s personality. Whether you want to inject some drama or fun into your personality, short hairdos will surely defy your expectations. It is just a matter of finding the right cut and living with it in a chic way.

Formal short hairstyles 2014The possibility of looking stunning seems to be endless with the versatility of formal short hairstyles 2014. From an ordinary look, you can have your overall appearance transformed into something brand new. In the end, it gives you the edge to flaunt your new self to the world.

Short hairstyles are becoming more revolutionized to women. From the simple hairdos to complicated hairstyles that you can see in the street or parties, each is characterized with distinct personality. This means the same thing when it comes to short hairstyles that have its own shares of surprises and elegance.

Layered Bob

With a layered bob haircut, your hair will gain volume and body. It will also give you the advantage of styling your hair when you decided to have a new look. One example of this is flipping out the ends of your hair for a sophisticated yet formal look.

Cropped Pixie Cut

If you want to look classic and very feminine, you can try a short cropped pixie haircut. The style itself merits the wearer a mature look without compromising the elegance. If you bear a heart, square or oval face shape, this haircut will suit you best.

Stackable Bob Hairstyle

You can wear a stackable bob whenever you want to party. In this haircut, you create an extra body and volume in the crown of your head by simply stacking the hair at the back. For more stunning look, you can create a side-swept heavy fringe in front to perfectly give emphasis your best features.

Angular Asymmetrical Bob Cut

If you have extremely strong features that you want to soften, an angular asymmetrical bob cut will do its share for you. In this haircut, the hair at the back is cut short while leaving the front a bit longer. In the end, it gives you a flattering and irresistible look.

Curled Bob Hairstyle

You can look alluring and lavishing by getting your natural curls turned into a bob cut. The beautiful waves give you a bouncy and lively look that you can surely display to the crowd. For more striking look, you can pull down some wispy bangs too.

Formal yet Magnificent

The formal short hairstyles 2014 will not keep your hidden looks at bay. By simply adding details, you will be on your way to show off the new you.