Wedding Hairstyles 2014 for short hairWedding hairstyles 2014 for short hair

Attention ladies: wedding hairstyles 2014 for short hair is in! You should definitely not worry in cutting your hair out! Glamorous, extremely elegant, stylish and practical – all that can be said about the wedding short hairstyles collection. Now, what styling options you have? Let’s figure out!

– Short hair? Updo is still a choice. If you have short hair, the traditional updo is a little difficult unless you go for extensions. However, 2014 is different. Even with a short hair, this style is still possible by creating the illusion of an updo by just grooming on pony tail or bun and by pinning it with a toque or feather hair clip.

– Short layered hairstyles. This is very classic that can make you look younger and more stylish. For a balanced look, you can keep the sides symmetrical but if you prefer to look a bit edgy, you can keep them asymmetrical. Go sleek and chic by adding head-turning accessories.

– Inverted bob hairstyle. With the help of the point cutting hair technology, this can create a choppy edgy look for your bob hairstyle. You will look more charming and chic if such hairdo is matched with a certain kind of bang. You can choose a smooth blunt bob and then create a Cleopatra style bangs to match it.

– Short curls. Short curly styles, when worn excellently, will make you look stunning and sophisticated. If you desire a totally curly hairstyle, you can choose thin rollers to make some ringlets. If you bear a bob style, you can get lovely wavy tresses by adding rollers to give volume to your hair and achieve tender and sexy waves. You can also use a flat iron to get the style.

Usually, people believe that women who have short hair won’t have impressive hairstyle on their wedding. That’s not true! No matter how short your hair is, you can always experiment with wedding hairstyles 2014 for short hair to be at your best on your most special day. Just don’t forget to nail it!

Wedding hairstyles 2014 for long hairWhat is the perfect hair length for brides this year this year?

Wedding hairstyles 2014 for long hair promises nothing but beauty and elegance in your big day. Whether you have straight or curly tresses, you don’t have to worry in looking stunning and impressing your beau and the rest. While there are several long hairstyles to choose from, this page has rounded up three of the best styles a woman can wear on her most special day!

– The Side Braid. When it comes to wedding hairstyles, braid, particularly the one which is placed at the right side of your head, will never go out of fashion. Braid gives elegance and matches with any kind of wedding gown. It is the simplest, yet, will be one of the most popular wedding hairstyle for 2014. To have side braid, you just have to tie a braid on the right side of your hair. At the end of it, make a small bun wherein you can secure the braid under it.

– Small high buns. Buns can emphasize the shape of you face. While you can wear a double or twisted updo, make sure to have your bun at the center. It can make you sleek and sophisticated.

– Untied Curly Hair. If you have long curly locks, you will look younger if you keep it just the way it is. Natural curly hair gives a vintage look and you don’t need to exert effort to style it. To bring a little class to your locks, clip a small portion of your hair using a decorated hair dress. However, just make sure that your tresses don’t look messy to avoid a hair distress.

Surely, with your perfect wedding gown complemented with a wedding hairstyles 2014 for long hair, nothing can go wrong on your wedding. All you have to do is to enjoy the moment and treasure it for the rest of your life. Good luck!

Wedding hairstyles 2014 for curly hairWedding hairstyles 2014 for curly hair

What is the fashion for brides with curly hair this year?

Wedding hairstyles 2014 for curly hair has a way to complete your wedding day. While you may believe that curly hair distress may happen in your big day, think again! Your curly hair is more flexible than you think. More so, it can make you the most beautiful girl on your wedding. So, why not plan out and stun your fiancé with your pick on the unique hairstyles we recommend? Read on!

Wedding Hairstyles 2014 Curly Hair

– French twist. This creates a classic and iconic proficient hairstyle that gives off a polished, professional look. French twists can be worn tightly or more loosely depending on your taste.

– Pinned-up Curls. Curly hair looks even more beautiful when it is pinned up. Your shoulder-length hair can be put into a loose pleat. Not to mention that it has a way to make every woman looks chic and sophisticated.

– Braided glory. Use flat twists and/or rope braids to put up your hair. You can use a combination of braids and loose hair as well. You can also have your curly hair twisted into flat twists up to a point, and then leave the rest of your hair free.

– Bangs is a bang. Your bangs can make you look like a grown-up professional. Make sure that your bangs do not cover your eyes so it would not distract your sight while walking in the aisle or even distract others.

– Free flowing curls. Allow your hair to spread and wave freely as you start walking towards the altar. It will give you an additional appeal and extra confidence. Just make sure that your hair is naturally polished to avoid curly hair distress.

Wow the crowd with your extra-ordinary hairstyle. Your wedding day will be an absolute happiness and an experience of pure satisfaction with wedding hairstyles 2014 for curly hair! So, which one of these is your favorite?