Cool short hairstyles 2015You can carry cool short hairstyles 2015 in a very classy way. Short hair can make you look sophisticated and eddy because it makes you stand out from the crowd. It is one of the biggest trends of 2015.

Makeup ideas for short hair

Here are some makeup ideas for short hair:

– Highlight your face with make-up because short hair let others have a clear view of your features.

– Use a toner before applying foundation or concealer because it keeps the make-up on for a long time.

– When applying foundation on your face, try to focus on your nose, chin, cheekbones and forehead. Use a foundation lighter than your skin tone to highlight your face.

– Since, your eyes will be prominent with short hair so pick an eye shadow according to the event and play with eye shadow colors to give a great color to your eyes.

– Shape your eyes with an eyebrow pencil for defining your perfect eyes.

– Add a silver eye shadow on your brow line along with any color of your eye shadow.

– On the upper and lower eyelid of your eyes, add a line of kohl or eyeliner to finish your eye look. This tip is perfect for women with short hair.

– To define your cheeks, add a blush to the apples of your cheek. Use color which suits your skin best.

– One of the make-up ideas for short hair also includes application of eyeliner. You can apply eyeliner on to make your eyes look big and to give a beautiful shape to it.

Cool short hairstyles 2015Short hair accessories

Short hair need hair accessories to make them stand out. Here are a few ideas for showing off the short hair accessories in your hair. Always remember that for you, less is more.

– You can add a big flower to your bun or on the side of your hair instead of huge barrettes.

– If you have bangs, you can sweep them back on the side and secure them with a small studded clip.

– An antique band works well with short hair. It fits on the crown of your head and feels fluff.

– Hair combs define your feminism and style. The hair comb is simple yet a beautiful antique hair accessory for your short hair. It is perfect for the holiday season and formal dinners.

– For a casual look, you can tie a fabric wrap around your head. These fabric wraps are available in both plain and printed wraps. This hair accessory is fun and casual.

– You can braid your bangs and secure the braids with bobby pins having buttons, diamantes or small flowers on them. This hair accessory will add flair in your hair.

Cool short hairstyles 2015 are very in this year. They are perfect for all the four seasons. You just need to style them with a decent make-up and a cute hair accessory for short hair. But don’t overdo your hair by over accessorizing your short hair.