Short prom hairstylesShort prom hairstyles

Prom is one of the most magical times in a girl’s life. You may be worried about how to wear your short hair to prom, but there’s no reason to panic. There are many great hairstyles that you can easily apply that will look great paired with your dress. Here are some great short prom hairstyles for you to try out.

Things You’ll Need:

A hair dryer, hair gel, curling iron, bobby pins, and a straightening iron

The Top 5 Short Prom Hairstyles:

Side Swept and Pinned Back

With smooth bangs swept to the side and the rest of the hair pinned back in a sleek, glamorous up do, you’ll take people’s breath away. This classic look brings together an Old Hollywood style with the clean, effortless look of this pin back that flatters all face shapes and types.

Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

The half up, half down hairstyle is easily achieved with a flat brush and some bobby pins. Dry and straighten hair, then pull the top half of your hair back and pin it with bobby pins on either side. Secure with hair spray and you’ve got a simple look that is no muss, no fuss.

Messy Shag

A messy shag is the perfect rock star inspired accessory your prom dress requires. Go for a punk rock look with a tousled front mop of hair that is gelled to perfection. This hairstyle pairs perfectly with dark, dramatic eye makeup and glittery pixie eye shadows.

Curled Beachy Waves

Curled beachy waves are one of the best short prom hairstyles for slightly longer short hair. Using a curling iron, you can transform your locks into loose ringlets that frame the face and bring life to any hairstyle.

Coiffed Pixie

This hairstyle has been seen on numerous starlets. The style works best on short crops. Blow dry hair and then comb to sweep to one side. Add some hairspray to hold the whole thing down, and you’ve got one of the best short prom hairstyles that is both put together and feminine.

Prom hairstyles

Prom hairstylesProm hairstyles

What Prom Hairstyles To Choose?
Prom hairstyles come in different shapes and sizes and may sometimes be difficult to pull off. The hairstyle you choose for your prom is normally influenced by so many factors, below are the tips to consider when selecting a prom hairstyle.

Tips to follow when selecting a prom hairstyle

Your dress: The hairstyle you choose for your prom should help complement the dress you will be wearing; under no circumstance should your hair overpower your dress. Try to match different hairstyles with different dresses to see which one works perfectly for you.

Face shape: Different face shapes are usually flattered differently with different hairstyles.When choosing a hairstyle, select the one that will be able to bring out the shape of your face while focusing on the good sides.

Budget: The budget you have will play a vital role in determining which hairstyle you settle for. Try to find the best hairstyle that complements your dress, brings out the face of your face, and is still in your budget. Just because you have a small budget does not mean you settle for a bad hairstyle.


Choosing a prom hairstyle may seem like a nightmare to you but if you follow these three pointers you will be all right. Make sure you practice with different Prom hairstyles before the big night to settle with the one you are comfortable with the most.

Prom Hairstyles for Long and Short Hair

Prom hairstyles for long hairProm hairstyles for long hair will give you endless styling opportunities during your big night. Whether you decide to loose your hair, curl it or have if half down or half up, you can still achieve the look you want in your prom. Now, if you happen to have a stylish short hair, you can still be fashionable and stunning. How? Read on to find out!

Prom hairstyles for long hair

– Thick, glossy curls. Have you noticed how gorgeous Amanda Seyfried is with her thick and glossy hair? This kind of hairstyle is the best to wear in a prom if you want to look glam. Unlike what most people say, achieving a long, glossy hair is very easy. You just need to blow-dry your hair, curl it with a curling iron and get a round brush to obtain a strong and big spiral. You can also use a shine serum for an extra sheen on your hair.

– Up-dos. If you want to emphasize your features and want to look elegant in your prom, up-dos are the best to try. You can style your hair with chignons, side-swept, buns or bobby pinned. These are the most common up-dos that will give you a sexy and chic appearance.

Prom hairstyles for long hair– Down-dos. Letting your beautiful hair flow down on your back is another option. Whether you have curly or straight tresses, you will never go wrong with a down-do.This is best for girls who want to look alluring and feminine in their big night.

– Braids. Being fashionable will be easier with braids. If you have lengthy locks, you can try one of the many sexy braiding patterns that are in trend this year. You have wide options with fishtail, waterfall, French or tie-back braids.

Prom hairstyles for short hair

– Sleek, sophisticated bob. With a bob, you will look effortlessly sexy and beautiful. You no longer need to worry about your look during your prom night just because you decided to cut your hair short. Remember, short haircuts are hot this year. If you want to be more stylish, you can color your hair, add some splashes and flips or make it shinier with a finishing gloss.

– Curly hairstyles. Curls in short hair? Absolutely yes! With this hair trend, there is no reason why you won’t be a trendsetter during your prom night. With the right hair texture and hair color, you can make a statement like no other and turn your boring hairstyle into the next level of style. Just make sure to have a stylist who can do it right for you.

Prom hairstyles for long and short hair can make a difference to your appearance. So, pick your favorite now and be ready for your prom night!