Short hairShort hair

Nowadays, short hair is becoming trendy for both men and women. Men can wear a set of short hairstyles while women also do the same. The fact that haircut options come in a myriad of choices, there are styles that can now be worn by these two genders.

Generally, short hairstyles for men and women greatly varies. It is because the kind of look that needs to be pulled out is different from one gender to another. In fact, men like to appear masculine while women like to stick with their womanly appeal.

Mohawk Hairstyle

Mohawk up-do is one fashion statement for both men and women’s short mane. The hairstyle itself speaks up of boldness, expressiveness, and of course, style. For these reasons, many individuals get their hair chopped.

If you are up to Mohawk hairstyle for women, you can add some twists on it. You can try chaotic Mohawk, braided Mohawk, or bun Mohawk. As for Mohawk up-do for men, you can try fanned Mohawk, cross Hawk, or side Hawk.

Naturally Curly

Setting your curls naturally is sexy to both men and women. Whether you are to go to a formal or casual event, you can hit the limelight with this hairstyle. It is primarily because the up-do is imbued with character especially when you add twist on it.

Sleek and Straight

A sleek and short straight hair can make anyone look calm and cool. It is also stylish because you can wear another hairstyle with straight hair as the starting point. You can either side part your hair, make a fringe on it, or swept it back.

Shaggy Hairstyle

The shaggy hairstyle is well-loved by both men and women because of the impact it brings to one’s appearance. For men, it can make you look mysterious and impressive while women benefit for an enhanced appeal. More importantly, this hairstyle is not uptight and it comes in low maintenance.

Similarity is Style!

Undoubtedly, both men and women can enjoy the full-grade fashion of having a short hair. As hair trends transcend over time, hairstyles of two genders are able to meet halfway.

How to style short hair

How to style short hairHow to style short hair

“How to style short hair?” is often the inquiry of women with short hair. Many women will think that you can only wear limited hairstyles with a short mane. In view of this, styling options are not limited to two or three, but it actually comes in a list.

For a fact, there are instances that you would want to change your persona or appeal. Chopping your long mane to mid-length is possible, but lengthening your short hair will not bring you dramatic changes in an instant. At this point, you have to utilize what you have at hand.

Go Sleek and Straight

If you want to look like a sweetheart, you can style your messy up-do into something sleek and straight. This kind of styling is not too demanding because you just have to straighten it up using a flatiron and arranged it in a sleek manner.

Go for Tousled

Presently, tousled hairstyle is becoming the talk among women when it comes to hair fashion. For a fact, this up-do is quiet easy to do. Once you get it done, all you have to do is pull out the sweet look and foster a casual vibe.

Put a Side Braid

Braids are romantic and adorable. Even though you do not have a long mane, you can braid a small one along the hairline at the front. Adding this detail will surely glam up your look.

Add Texture or Curls

You can give your tresses a new sort of character by adding texture or curls. Doing these techniques are quiet easy and it does not demand much time. Once you get it done, you will rip up a lovely and adorable look.

Add Accessories

Adding accessories is a pretty basic trick to be beautiful. Whether you wear a simple or intricate hairstyle, you can boost up your appeal to the next level without too much effort. Examples of accessories you can add are headband and embellished hairpins.

Your Move

As this article listed down some answers on how to style short hair, the next step is up to you. All you have to do is pick up your choice or search for other alternatives to rev up hair appeal.