Short hairstylesWant to have beautiful short hair?

There are different types of short hairstyles – from tomboy short, through colored tresses, simple layered effects to short braids. Of course, no two heads look completely the same – there are various different density of hair, facial structure and even the light can change the way a hairstyle looks.

When it comes to thick hair, there are several things which are generally true, regardless of whom the head belongs to. Two of the things that can be counted on to happen to thick hair are: hair will puff, if not cut properly and it will tangle more than you will enjoy it. It is well known that for a certain length range the thick hair will begin to bulge in ways unrelated to the wishes of its owner.

For this reason, most people keep their thick hair in either very short or long enough haircuts. In any case, plain, piled in block style haircut does not look good on people with thick hair. Instead, different length level layers give much better effects. Different length of the different layers overcome many of the disadvantages usual for thick hair and allow the use of more shortcut hairstyles.

To the layers of different lengths can be added layers of different colors, even contrasting colors, and diversity becomes even more significant. With layers and colors the thick hair does not look its usual static and heavy way. Caution – usage of standard dyes for overall coloring, to make the color effects-not a good idea.Short hairstyles

Using such color combined with the gravity-bound and uniformity-look of the thick hair can easily create the effect of a wig – not very desirable effect!

One of the best looking short hairstyles for thick hair is the pixie-cut. When properly done, this haircut gives both cute and dangerous look to its owner.

The appearance is like for a very soft, volume and bouncy hair, unlike the usual heavy and static form, which is so typical for the thick hair.

Another short hairstyle that relies on layers and looks good on thick hair heads is short shaggy bob.

For this hairstyle face shape is essential. Heart-shaped faces will require more layers around the chin while oval faces will have cuts allover the place.

Another look-good for thick hair short hairstyle, which recently gained significant popularity among the celebrity world is the spiky style. The spiky style will add a bit of roguish appearance and will make the thick hair look much more interesting – for a change, not plain and boring as so many popular styles strive to achieve.

Short layered hairstyle

Short layered hairstyleShort layered hairstyle

If you want a look that’s cute and classy at the same time, you should try short layered hairstyle. Especially if you want a bit more drama to spark out. The short layered hairstyle will get you plenty of attention, no matter if you’re at a fancy party, formal work sapper, wild night out or just the next day at work. Young, cute, cool, bold, sophisticated and lots more, all of these will go your way, and you don’t have to spend a whole morning with the hairdresser. These haircuts are just so easy to maintain, you won’t even notice it.

Yes, they are easy to maintain, but that doesn’t mean that they are not in vogue. They are hot these days. Just because it’s not very hard or very expensive, doesn’t mean that you can’t get hat extra bang to your appeal. See for yourself, here are some examples, some 30 examples to be precise. Just look at the pics bellow, you’re in for a complete make-over, if that’s what you want. For those of you, who already have chosen the short hairstyle, just look at what those layers can add to your looks – the energy is flowing, and you’re right there to take it.

Short Hairstyles with Bangs

Short hairstyles with bangsshort hairstyles with bangs

Yeah, it’s hot and it’s hip.That’s what you get with the short hairstyle with bangs, and if this is your first time with it, most probably you’ll make some jaws to drop. You’ll look anew and it won’t cast you more time than you already spend in the mornings, and still it’s so chic… up your looks with the rolling short hairstyles with bangs.

Sure, you can go for any of the possibilities here – pixie, layers or bob, to name just a few. The short pixie with bangs is one of the hottest short hair styles right now, just look around. Everybody knows that the short bob with front bangs has never been out of trend, and the variations, hence the possibilities, don’t stop coming,so just pick whatever the moment calls for. Or your heart craves for, or whatever caught your eye lately. Here are some suggestions, you can never go wrong with the right short hairstyle.